Paul was raised in a small town in Texas where the forrest met the waters of Lake Worth. This is where he learned to love the wilderness and learned from everything in nature. 

     During his last year of service in the Navy, he purchased his first guitar and started writing songs weeks later; if you saw Paul he had his guitar and played it relentlessly. Since 2001 he has written over 1000 pieces of music.

    In 2006 he joined his first band project named Kentucky Fried Texas. They released one album, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 in 2007. This album was recognized by the Grammy Board and took a Contender ranking  for Best Rock Album & Best Rock Song- Costa Rica.















Paul is now in the studio for the first time since 2007 with his new band The Healing. This album, Aman namA will be the marketing tool to promote Holistic Veterans, a non-profit he founded to help veterans and their families understand and embrace holistic practices and life-style. The album is set to release in Spring of 2020.

Paul Damon singer songwriter, Paul Damon Musician
Paul Damon singer songwriter, Paul Damon Musician
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