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"My mother named me Paul Damon Alford. 
    I came into this world smaller than most and overlooked by many. As I grew older I realized I was hearing and seeing things that others were not. Now thirtyfour years on this planet and eyes wide open, I am starting to believe.

Starting to believe that  possibilities are endless and endless love can change everything. I believe that we are here for more than just a paycheck and taxes, and that a kind gesture and a smile are worth more than gold." - Paul Damon


Here is a small portion of my journey through this life; starting with learning of honor, bravery and the idea of freedom.
    At age 18 I left Fort Worth, Texas for Chicago and the United States Navy. Inspired by a high school World History teacher, I chose to pursue the Navy Seal program. I was unsuccessful in obtaining the Trident that the team members wore so proudly on their chests. But the lessons learned from these trials will forever guide me. With sun on my face and salt in my wounds, I traveled the world. New tastes new smells new flavors, new everything, and I loved it!


   After returning to the U.S. in late 2000 I started hearing melodies, words and voices more and more. Almost to the point of being annoying sometimes, so I bought my first guitar in hopes to provide a way of release.

    Music entered my life while stationed in Norfolk, VA late January 2002. 
I was Twenty One years old when honorably discharged from the Navy with a sickness from having witnessed what is beneath the surface. I worked side by side with outstanding citizens in service, but many people leading the military have forgotten what honor is it seems.


    On to greener pastures... I had a friend offer a business deal regarding cattle. So I was now in the Cattle business... and on my way to Henderson, Kentucky. Where I would greet my long time friend and mentor Steve Champion and his family and be introduced to Casey Damn James, who would forever change the way I think about playing guitar. 
    In 2006 Casey and I moved back to Texas to chase the dream of playing music for a living. We met players instantly and started practicing relentlessly. Six days after we arrived in Texas we had our first paying gig as Kentucky Fried Texas. KFT was voted "Most Entertaining" out of 1500 floats in the "Dallas Greenville Parade". I was the frontman and songwriter for our band. We recorded one album; and through our mastering engineer Phil York, the album was submitted to the Grammy Board. Months later, shortly after the bands breakup in late 2007, Kentucky Fried Texas was voted a Grammy Contender for our debut album ¨Greatest Hits Vol. 1¨. It was recognized in two categories. ¨Best Rock Album¨ and ¨Best Rock Song, ¨Costa Rica."

This was a huge honor for my debut as a singer/songwriter. Huge Thanks to all that helped with this project!























After six years of playing bars and never finding a venue that would allow me to express my full creative range, I chose to give away all of my possessions and move to Costa Rica in December of 2012. Wondering into an eyes wide open community in Manuel Antonio and being welcomed with open arms, I finally felt appreciated as a musician and human. I started finding an inner peace and understanding, and found love to be a powerful thing. 


   Costa Rica had what I needed, and her name is Sam. Turns out, Sam and I grew up just 5 minutes apart from each other in Ft.Worth Texas but never met until Costa. Since that day we have been sharing light, love, music, and laughter and energy with those around us in our travels and hope to share these things in many more places. Sam is an international professional raft/adventure guide and all around Badass! She convinced me to come back to the states and experience the 'river folk' community. I have never met a group with such well rounded thoughts and abilities. I feel more connected than ever before and wake yearning to learn and share more. 











We are minimalists and enjoy life this way of life. We wake up under the trees and fall asleep under the stars with the ripple of the river passing by. Purchasing fresh eggs from the local farmer for breakfast, a refreshing way to start the day. Best part, the sunshine, songs of birds as our alarm clock. 

   Now 6 years after my debut album with over 300 songs and ideas written, but shared with too few. We are currently working on production of my sophomore album " Greatest Hits Vol. 2: Bones of Jade"! 

    It is only through the love and energy of others that it is possible for us to live this life the way we feel is best for us.




Peace through Love,

- Paul

Paul Damon singer songwriter, Paul Damon Musician
Paul Damon singer songwriter, Paul Damon Musician
Paul Damon singer songwriter, Paul Damon Musician
Paul Damon singer songwriter, Paul Damon Musician
Paul Damon singer songwriter, Paul Damon Musician

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