2017 Update - 

     Tigra and I and our ever growing team have been in the grind for two years now creating Holistic Veterans,

a non profit organization based in Santa Cruz, Ca. 



    Our mission is to offer a diversity of programs and supportive services that provide veterans direct access to holistic healing modalities, conscious business practices, and principles of permaculture.

I have taken over a year totally away from music, and I am so ready to start playing again.

We will be releasing a new album later this year titled, "Healing"

The songs are raw and naturally delivered, and have been a huge catalyst on my path towards healing.

It is my intention that others may find the darkest parts of them selves, smile, and shine.

This album will be a fundraiser for Holistic Veterans, and promotion for the vision of HealerFest. A blend of musicians and practitioners, hosted at large Veterans's hall across the land.